We specialize in capturing, analyzing, and visualizing data to help manufacturers increase productivity and profitability.

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VIMANA’s Industrial IoT Solutions Power Use Cases in Minutes

Smart Manufacturing:
Driving Efficiency and Flexibility

VIMANA generates insight, predictions, and recommendations to optimize machine and line productivity. Predict and reduce equipment downtime. Plan, schedule, and empower workforce
to improve productivity.
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Predictive Maintenance for Connected Products:
Improving Service Delivery and Growing Revenue

VIMANA collects and analyzes data from IoT connected products to aftermarket services from reactive to proactive service, with intelligence for predictive repair, preventive scheduling, and extending customer value.


Industrial Analytics provides insight to transform processes and reduce costs.

VIMANA Accelerates Insights. Performance Improvement. ROI.

Ready-to-use modern advanced analytics. Customizable visualizations, analytics applications, and use cases. Speed value. Minimize the need for specialized resources.

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We Specialize in Data Analytics for Manufacturers.

We have the expertise and technology to solve your specific problems with purpose-built analytics solutions for manufacturing operations and equipment maintenance.

Better data with VIMANA's Industrial analytics provides iot data preprocessing and enrichment.

We Build Data That Works.

We know how to connect to everything. Building trusted data for predictive analytics and deeper insights to optimize processes and increase profitability.

VIMANA Platform is modular. Optimize your investment.

Simple, Scalable, and Affordable.

Software that is easy to implement, use and scale. Buy what you need with modular solutions. No development costs. Decreased operational costs. Lower TCO.

VIMANA's Industrial Analytics Integrates with Manufacturing and Business Systems.

Ecosystem Integration. Deliver Your Connected Factory.

Quickly integrate your existing applications and systems to enrich analytics data and automate workflows and processes from analytics to execution.

Services that Ensure Your Success.

We stay with you each step of the way with end-to-end support from implementation and adoption to improved performance and continuous improvement.