VIMANA Helps Industrial Businesses Manage Disruption, Transform Operations, and Grow Revenues with a Combination of Industrial Analytics Software, Services, and Solutions for Smart Manufacturing and IoT Connected Products.

Why Customers And Partners Choose VIMANA

Deep Industrial Domain Expertise

Our team brings decades of experience in developing, delivering, and transforming businesses with Industrial analytics: including expertise in connectivity, data architecture, industrial domains, data science, and hybrid cloud software platforms.

Proven Delivery of Real Business Outcomes

Our technology and engagement methodology de-risks every step of the digital transformation – from IoT connectivity through analytics to realizing outcomes. We work closely with clients to align our solutions to their business problems and provide personalized support to ensure success. We bring vast experience in complex IIoT deployments – from gas turbine manufacturing to automotive assembly to connected electric vehicles.

Rapid Time to Value

We help our customers and partners rapidly realize measurable value at a low total cost of ownership. Our clients see value in days, achieving positive ROI in weeks, with IoT solutions that are remarkably simple to deploy, scale, and use. Our highly configurable out-of-the-box capabilities enable you to make it your own in very little time.

Co-Innovate to Create Value

We work closely with our customers and partners to create tailored products and custom IoT solutions. We are committed to listening and delivering your precise requirements with agile development of custom data transformations, smart manufacturing, and IoT connected product solutions.

Cutting Edge IoT Technology

Our innovative technology delivers better data, more robust analytics, and is simple to deploy, scale, and use. Our automated ML-enabled data transformation builds a trusted data foundation. You can gain deep insights into processes and products with our domain-driven advanced analytics, and integrate with your existing systems to transform your business.

How We Began

VIMANA was founded in 2009 at Berkeley, California by William Sobel and Dr. Athulan Vijayaraghavan after they debuted the MTConnect industry standard at the IMTS Trade Show in 2008. As co-authors of MTConnect and early IoT innovators, they began shaping the manufacturing industry.

Originally called System Insights, in 2012 company launched the industry’s first cloud-based smart manufacturing application that combined real-time machine data with big-data analytics. The product name, VIMANA, was based on its ancient Sanskrit meaning – a mythological flying machine resembling a bright cloud, that was used for exploration and warfare. This name symbolized our ability to see the future and deliver decisions for insight and competitive advantage.

In 2017, the company Systems Insights changed its name to VIMANA to align our corporate identity with the strong VIMANA brand and re-energize market expansion with new products and solutions.

Today, VIMANA continues to deliver breakthrough IoT products bringing operational excellence and product innovation to customers and partners while reaching new industrial vertical segments and geographies.