We speak the truth.

Without true machine states, it’s impossible to make the right decisions for your plant. VIMANA Enrich fixes that. It integrates machine, operator, manufacturing, and enterprise systems data. It uses a proprietary rules engine to provide true operational transparency and insight into what is happening and why. The result? More accurate and actionable insights in less time, resources, and cost.


The True State

Enrich identifies the true state of the manufacturing process in real time: machine activity, machine health, part production, operator identity, tool usage, and more. This is the first step on the path to establishing production metrics, identifying efficiency gaps, and minimizing downtime.

Rule-Driven Analytics

Enrich lets you analyze the performance of your manufacturing processes and systems at an unprecedented level. With visibility into device activity, part and production KPIs, operator efficiency, and asset capacity, you can improve manufacturing efficiency on a machine, cell, plant, or enterprise level.

Our sophisticated rules engine is not just a generic set of capabilities, but comes with a comprehensive library pre-configured and customizable rules and KPIs.  Use our existing catalog of rules for common processes, or work with our expert Service Team to create and customize rules for your unique applications.

Ecosystem Integration

Enrich integrates contextual shop floor data with enterprise systems in real time, automating the process of data preparation and delivering seamless integration with fewer resources, time, and cost.

While other providers can only export spreadsheets, Enrich provides data directly to your in-house systems. We fully integrate machine, operator, sensor, and other data with your existing environments, including:

  • CAD/ CAM Systems
  • Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES)
  • Maintenance Systems
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems
  • Other IoT Platforms
  • Other Analytics Platforms

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