Improve Plant Performance. Lean your Operation. Transform into the “New Manufacturing Normal”.

Achieve Digital Transformation in Manufacturing

Manufacturing operations and supply chains continue to be pushed more than ever for cost savings, efficient capital allocations, and improved customer responsiveness. To achieve the next level of efficiency, manufacturing plants must embrace smart manufacturing and Industry 4.0. VIMANA provides IoT Solutions for Smart Manufacturing that are pre-built and configurable for manufacturers.

OEE Monitoring

VIMANA’s OEE capabilities simplify tracking, monitoring, and analyzing overall manufacturing performance across the organization. VIMANA dynamically calculates True OEE enabled by machine learning and historical data to provide accurate real-time visibility into capacity, quality, and cycle time. Use True OEE analysis to define baselines and benchmark assets, cells, and plants to reveal best practices and improvement areas.

Go Beyond OEE Monitoring with VIMANA
Analytics for Asset and Line Performance Management

Asset And Line Performance Management

VIMANA provides full visibility to the real-time performance of machines and lines using standard and custom KPIs. Monitor, manage, and improve asset downtime with insight into root causes and predict failures. VIMANA’s operational intelligence uncovers line bottlenecks and idle times to lean processes for improved line efficiency, reduced cycle times, WIP inventory, and labor costs.

Workforce Performance And Productivity

Adopt VIMANA’s industrial analytics to empower your workforce to boost labor efficiency, be more productive, and minimize safety risks. Measure, manage, and control performance with the data-driven insight to establish goals and empower your operators to self-manage their performance. Gain insight into shift efficiency and demand to balance scheduling for social distancing and remote work. Use VIMANA’s digital productivity tools for operator training and shop floor communications.

IoT Solutions for Smart Manufacturing Enable Workforce Performance and Productivity
IoT Solutions for Smart Maintenance Enable Predictive Maintenance

Predictive Maintenance

Improve operational reliability while reducing maintenance costs with machine learning and AI-enabled predictive and prescriptive insights. VIMANA’s industrial analytics provides real-time and historical insight into asset health, diagnoses root-causes of failures, detects anomalies, and delivers early warnings of conditions out of tolerance. The operational insights drive intelligent scheduling, reduces breakdowns and asset damage, and optimizes parts and tooling replacement processes.

On-Demand Manufacturing

Optimize your manufacturing network for fast turnaround, high-quality parts, at reduced costs. Use VIMANA’s industrial analytics to gain insight into the capacity and capabilities of assets and production lines across your manufacturing operation to respond to volatile demand and just-in-time manufacturing requirements. Leverage VIMANA’s data-driven insights to define where and when to manufacture a product to optimize profitability, customer demand, and supplier efficiency.

IoT Solutions for Smart Manufacturing Enable Just-in-Time Manufacturing