VIMANA joins forces with other industry leaders and innovators to build a powerful ecosystem of companies with proven integrated solutions that help manufacturers realize the value of Smart Manufacturing:

  • Machine tool builders and controls partners come to us to develop connectivity solutions
  • Software and service providers integrate with our software to extend their own products and provide the foundation for their Industry 4.0 initiatives
  • Industry organization and technical consortiums look to us for thought leadership for their efforts in Advanced Manufacturing.

Partner News and Stories


VIMANA powers TDM’s Machine Control Connector (MCC) and provides bidirectional communication between the machine tool and TDM Systems software to bring real-time tooling information to the user, and feedback from the user back to the machine.


VIMANA teamed with GE Digital to enable Smart Factory innovation.  While leveraging GE’s broad ecosystem enabled by Predix, VIMANA provides factories an advanced analytics solution that helps plants manage operational performance.

The integrations of VIMANA Connect and Bosch Rexroth’s automation technology enables manufacturers to use machine data for insight into utilization, maintenance, safety, and energy consumption.


“Partners in THINC is delighted to have VIMANA as a partner. Their predictive analytics software connects securely to a large variety of vendor assets, making it easy for customers to obtain real time manufacturing data to improve CNC machining efficiency and productivity.”

— Jeff Estes, Director, Partners in THINC

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