Predictive Maintenance Software: Improve Asset Reliability and Availability While Reducing Costs

Get actionable data, real-time insights, and predict asset failure and product quality degradation with VIMANA predictive maintenance analytics to improve your factory’s asset maintenance processes. Reduce breakdowns and asset damage. Decrease preventive maintenance activities and costs. Improve parts and tooling replacement processes. Optimize planning and scheduling of maintenance resources.

With VIMANA, you can:

  • Build analyticsready data from machines, components, and sensors to gain real-time visibility to asset health across the globe.
  • Monitor pre-built and customizable maintenance management dashboards and reports for real-time and historical insight into asset health to better manage and prioritize maintenance activities.
  • Analyze trends and get predictive insights with root cause analysis, fault analysis, anomaly detection, and early warning alerts of conditions out of tolerance.


VIMANA’s ready-to-use Predictive Maintenance Analytics enables maintenance teams to:

Use Cases

Why Implement a Predictive Maintenance Strategy?​



“VIMANA has given us the capability to make data-driven decisions, which has helped us improve the quality and reliability of our composite manufacturing process. We can react immediately and avoid Monday morning autopsy.” VIMANA’s IoT Connectivity, accessed data from sensors and PLCs in controlled rooms, freezers, and ovens to monitor temperature and humidity at their composite propeller building."

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