Manufacturing Analytics Platform
for Operational Excellence

VIMANA is the enabling technology for smart manufacturing realization. Our products are built around the VIMANA Data Transformation – shop floor data is transformed into real-time analytics and to predictive and prescriptive insights, helping manufacturers achieve operational excellence. VIMANA technology adds value to your existing manufacturing software investment by providing deep and broad integration with third party applications, including CAM, ERP, MES, and EAM. VIMANA technology is the data foundation that enables you to achieve your advanced manufacturing solutions and initiatives.

VIMANA’s products provide value from Day 1 – our offerings are built for rapid adoption and ROI, and can be customized and configured for the different stakeholders in manufacturing enterprises, including production engineers, plant managers, maintenance engineers, and operators.

VIMANA’s products are available across multiple license tiers, and support a variety of licensing and deployment options, including cloud hosted, private cloud, and on-premise.

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VIMANA Connect


Secure real-time data collection from shop-floor equipment.

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VIMANA Elevate

Knowledge Elevates Performance

Real-time production monitoring and analytics of shop-floor data to drive decision making.



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