VIMANA’s technology, The Language of Smart Manufacturing, gives our customers the power to hear their machines and understand them, allowing them to draw brilliant conclusions, make informed decisions, improve manufacturing operations, and elevate the performance of their business.

VIMANA’s software helps customers gain real-time visibility and deep insight into  their manufacturing operations to improve machine and operator productivity, maximize asset health and tooling usage, reduce resource consumption, and boost profits. VIMANA’s technology fuels Industry 4.0, IIoT, and Smart Factory initiatives.

VIMANA offers  the leading cloud-based and on-premise predictive analytics platform for manufacturing intelligence.  Manufacturers use VIMANA’s big data analytics for connecting assets, monitoring, analyzing, predicting, and optimizing for improved operational performance.

predictive analytics platform


VIMANA (formerly known as System Insights) has been transforming how industrial companies operate plants and deliver products since it was founded in 2009.  The VIMANA founders developed and evangelized MTConnect, a critical industry standard that has significantly accelerated the move to data-driven manufacturing.  Our software was the first on the market that combined real-time machine data with big-data analytics to move the industry beyond OEE to create actionable insights for plant operations. Since then, the company and technology has been repeatedly selected by customers and partners alike to provide the foundation for the most advanced smart factory initiatives in the industry.

what sets VIMANA apart?

Global Market Presence

VIMANA is the world leader in Smart Manufacturing. VIMANA’s customers are across the globe in North America, Latin America, Asia, and Europe and represent many discrete vertical segments: aerospace, automotive, industrial, medical devices, transportation, power, oil & gas, industrial machinery, aerospace, automotive, medical devices and more.

Proven Delivery of Smart Manufacturing Vision and Promise

VIMANA is powering the most sophisticated smart manufacturing initiatives and our customers are realizing true productivity and financial benefits.  We do this by understanding the true state of the shop floor, looking beyond OEE and traditional metrics and offering deep analytics that provide relevant real-time performance insight and expedite the problem-solving process.

commitment to value generation

VIMANA’s platform provides scalability and enterprise integration that enables the continuum from plant efficiency and enterprise efficiency to business process optimization. Our cloud-based solution is cost effective, enables rapid deployment and ease of operational management. Our customer services team, brings expertise from installation to facilitation of our customer’s lean journey.

hardened technology

Our hardened technology offers end-to-end solutions from connectivity and analytics to value generation in the most advanced settings. With special care for ease-of-use through persona focused design, we drive adoption from the operator to the senior plant leaders, increasing the speed of process improvement and ROI.

future ready

VIMANA has proven technology and people that lead the industry and our customers in the Smart Manufacturing journey. With agile and continuous software innovation based on customer requirements, industry trends, and market vision we are future ready, always guiding our customers to the next level of digital transformation and performance.

industry thought leadership and discrete manufacturing expertise

Our executive team brings deep knowledge in discrete manufacturing, analytics, data science, data architecture, and open standards. Our founder and Chief Strategy Officer architected and authored the MTConnect standard and continues to collaborate on enhancing the standards, contributing to industry organizations i.e. NIST, DMDII, IIC, and investing in the future of manufacturing.

partnership and collaboration

VIMANA joins forces with other industry leaders and innovators, Machine Tool Builders and Controls Partners, Software and Services partners to build a powerful ecosystem of companies with proven integrated solutions that help manufacturers realize the value of Smart Manufacturing.