Co-Innovate to Build, Deploy, and Scale Industrial IoT Solutions. Realize Your Vision for Digital Transformation.


VIMANA Vision is a flexible, extensible, open Industrial Analytics Platform. We work together with you to build Industrial Analytics solutions that capture and transform your data for decision-making and to create and extend user-focused applications with speed and efficiency that drive value.

Co-Innovate And Build IoT Solutions For Faster Outcomes

VIMANA's Analytics - Get Immediate Value.

Accelerate Time
To Market

Capitalize on robust data transformation with built-in capabilities for fast results.

VIMANA's Analytics Platform easy to use.

Your Risk

Co-innovate with domain experts to achieve end-user expectations and timelines.

VIMANA Platform is modular. Optimize your investment.

Modular And Cost-Effective

Spend less on developer and data resources. Pay for only what you need.

VIMANA Platform Integrates with your IT and Manufacturing systems.

Leverage Your

Maximize your investment in legacy systems and devices. Run and deploy anywhere.

“VIMANA’s Industrial Analytics Platform is enabling us make connected field services a reality and reach our goals to reduce downtime, site visits, and lower service delivery costs. VIMANA’s data preparation and specialized machine learning algorithms are helping us transform from costly break-fix to remote, proactive, and predictive service models,”

A Large Machine Tool Provider

“VIMANA’s Industrial Analytics Platform has accelerated our time to market with a custom connected vehicle solution in just a few months. We can monitor each asset and the fleet, implement usage-based pricing, and ensure customer satisfaction,”

An Electric Vehicle Manufacturer

VIMANA's Industrial Analytics Platform Used by Field Service Organization to Manage Fleet.

VIMANA Vision Capabilities

Connect to standard and non-standard devices with a library of Adapters. Our Edge Computing Gateway collects, standardizes, and processes the data using open standards (OPC, MTConnect). Access fully automated, centralized device management capabilities that make it simple to onboard, monitor, and remotely manage IoT devices.

VIMANA Vision meets enterprise security and privacy requirements, protecting against intrusion, performance problems, and unauthorized access. Secures data with robust access controls and key-based authentication, encrypting data-at-rest, and data-in-transit. ISO 27001 certified. GDPR compliant.
Speed the transformation of Industrial IoT data and ensure the success of your analytics. VIMANA Vision standardizes the data and uses a real-time rules engine, machine learning, and AI capabilities to transform raw data to build the data foundation for your most advanced industrial analytics solutions.

Accelerate your IoT pilot implementation and ROI with VIMANAs out-of-the-box Application Framework to quickly and easily build scalable, custom IoT applications to address your specific business needs. Developers can create applications with VIMANA Vision’s UI and Data Science Toolkits, APIs, Client SDKs, Libraries, and Connectors.

Leverage your existing infrastructure investment. VIMANA Vision enables interoperability with your existing platforms, applications (ERP, EAM, APM, MES, SCADA, CMMS, FMS), and databases to integrate data sources and to automate workflow across your supply chain and product life cycle processes with our ecosystem connectors.

VIMANA Vision is a distributed platform with flexible, scalable deployment at the edge, on-premise, in the cloud (private or public), or in hybrid environments. Use VIMANA’s platform or seamlessly integrate with other IaaS solutions (AWS, Azure, GCP, and Alibaba) and deploy on top of PaaS systems (MindSphere, ThingWorx, AWS IoT, Azure IoT)