Rapidly build, deploy, and scale IoT custom solutions with VIMANA Vision Industrial IoT Platform.



Leverage the technology you already have, connect to devices and applications, explore the out-of-the box advanced analytics solutions, and employ the flexibility to build and extend your own IoT applications to solve specific business needs with speed and efficiency.

Deliver Business Outcomes


Pre-built, industrial domain-driven analytics delivers immediate performance improvement.


Innovate and transform with smart manufacturing, digital twin, connected products, and on-demand manufacturing applications.


Leverage your preferred technology for speed and cost efficiency.


Procure only what you need and when you need it.

IoT Solutions

VIMANA Vision enables you to rapidly build and extend your own smart industry solutions.
Realize value from Day 1 by leveraging VIMANA Vision’s application framework and toolkits.


VIMANA Vision is designed to meet enterprise security and privacy requirements, following industry best practices to protect against intrusion, performance problems, and unauthorized access. VIMANA provides:

  • IoT endpoint security protection for devices and gateways with robust access controls and authentication of devices and users, collecting data without interruption to production equipment, and safeguarding devices with read-only data collection from assets.
  • Secure communications, collecting data from shop floor devices, over the plant network, without exposing them to internet or Corporate IT network. VIMANA’s Gateway uses encrypted SSL-based connections, with key-based authentication. VIMANA secures data at rest (stored) and in-transit between IoT edge devices and back-end systems on premises or in the cloud.
  • A cloud infrastructure and applications that are secure by design. Ensuring infrastructure security with firewalls to control access to the applications. Encrypting data in transit with TLS, and storage with flexible key management. Managing user access with permissions and multifactor authentication. VIMANA is ISO 27001 certified and GDPR compliant and stores minimal personal information from users.

VIMANA’s connectivity suite provides secure connectivity from products, sensors, and industrial assets.

  • Edge and fog distributed computing devices are used for local processing, collecting and streaming time series data using industrial standards (OPC, MTConnect) for data uniformity and ease in downstream processing.
  • Device management software automates the provisioning, monitoring and management of connected assets and products.

VIMANA’s data preparation and contextualization, driven by business need, informed by deep vertical industry expertise, is the key to refining raw data into value. VIMANA builds a multi-dimensional data foundation ensuring richer decision quality across a comprehensive list of use cases empowering people, processes, and systems to be more intelligent.

Seamlessly integrate with other platforms including horizontal IoT platforms, allowing enterprises to create best-of-breed solutions across your IT assets and ecosystems, maximizing existing investments and accelerating ROI.

Leverage other IaaS solutions (AWS, Azure, GCP, and Alibaba, as well as private clouds and data centers). Deploy on top of PaaS systems (such as Predix, MindSphere, ThingWorx, AWS IoT, Azure IoT etc.).

Bring your smart industry vision to life. Developers can achieve scalability, reliability and deploy IoT solutions quickly and easily to solve business problems and meet the demand for smart services.

VIMANA helps developers build new industrial IoT applications (data transformation, new algorithms and use cases) with Developer tools (Application Framework, UI Toolkit, APIs, Client SDKs, Connectors) and Data Science Toolkits.

VIMANA Vision enables OT to interoperate with internal business applications and external partners, extending industrial processes to the supply chain for process and workflow automation.

VIMANA Vision comes with uses developer APIs, client SDKs, and Connectors to exchange data and events between IoT devices, IoT platforms, manufacturing systems, BI tools, and databases.

VIMANA enables manufacturers to integrate:

  • IoT data, metrics, and analytics with BI tools to enable centralized enterprise reporting and dashboards.
  • IoT data with CMM/EAM/APM systems to enable a fully integrated solution, that optimizes workflows for work order and spare parts management.
  • Shop floor data with MES/SCADA data to provide a single source of data that helps manufacturers optimize resource management, production scheduling, job management and parts tracking.
  • IoT data with ERP systems to bring business context of orders, product quality, financial performance and accurately represent cost and time to manufacture parts to optimize pricing models and profit.
  • Connected product performance data with Field Service Management Systems to streamline conditioned-based maintenance end-to-end break-fix process automation.

VIMANA Vision is a distributed platform with flexible, scalable deployment at the edge, on-premise (data centers), in the cloud (private or public), or in hybrid environments. VIMANA Vision has a modern distributed micro-service architecture, with containerized deployment and robust Continuous Delivery and Deployment (CI/CD) pipeline.

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