Empower Front-Line Workers, Lean Processes, And Transform Factories With The Knowledge To Elevate Performance.

VIMANA Elevate

VIMANA Elevate is the next-generation Smart Manufacturing Analytics application with out-of-the-box functionality for immediate value realization. VIMANA Elevate goes beyond OEE Monitoring to true Operational Excellence, providing decision support to improve operational and financial performance. It is adaptable to heterogeneous manufacturing environments and fully customizable to an ever-expanding list of use-cases.

How VIMANA Elevates Factory Performance

Identify Waste and Hidden Costs

Improve Plant Efficiency

Lean processes and improve standardized work practices. Reduce operating costs and CAPEX investments.

Optimize Production Line Processes

Increase asset And Line Performance

Boost factory throughput. Reduce downtime, move to predictive maintenance. Decrease cycle time and WIP inventory.

Improve Workforce Performance

Enhance Workforce Efficiency And Safety

Remote monitoring. Optimize staffing. Adopt productivity tools to increase operator effectiveness.

Manage Disruption in Supply Chain

Make Supply To Meet Demand

Manage disruption. Optimize profitability during volatile demand. Enable manufacturing flexibility.

Our Clients Improve Profit and Time to Market

“VIMANA’s manufacturing analytics informed process changes that increased machining profitability and shortened our NPI process.”

Elisabeth Smith, CEO
Acutec Precision Aerospace, Inc

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Acutec Precision Aerospace Selects VIMANA

VIMANA Elevate Capabilities

Visualize & Monitor

Bring visibility of your manufacturing operation to improve day-to-day decision making. Access information from anywhere and enable socially distanced and remote work.
Smart Manufacturing Analytics Real-Time OEE Dashboard. Gain insight into the status, machine health, process parameters, and part production with pre-built dashboards. Use self-serve capabilities to build custom dashboards for specific use cases.
VIMANA Smart Manufacturing Analytics Application enables documenting work digitally on the shop floor. Make operators self-sufficient and more productive. The highly configurable operator interface provides information on performance and productivity tools for communications and training.
Smart Manufacturing Analytics Dashboard of Overall Equipment Efficiency Dashboard with OEE Calculation by Part. Establish a baseline, monitor, and compare relevant KPIs for your stakeholders. The pre-built metrics catalog includes True OEE, utilization, lights out, part counts, and cycle time metrics.

Analyze & Predict

Combine real-world advanced analytics, machine learning, and AI to generate knowledge that improves asset and line utilization, reliability, quality, and manufacturing flexibility.
Smart Manufacturing Analytics Historical Report of Utilization Trends in the Plant. Out of the box and custom reports reveal insights into what happened, for how long, and why it happened. Identify waste. Understand trends, patterns, and production risks.
VIMANA Smart Manufacturing Analytics Custom Dashboard with Alerts for Predictive Insights. Predict equipment downtimes and machine faults, tooling failures, and quality risks. Quantify measurement bias to reduce scrap and analyze tool usage for optimizing tool changes.

Communicate & Empower Action

Digitize work processes for better process control, collaboration, and training to enable improved performance and productivity.
VIMANA Historical Report for root cause analysis in manufacturing. Automatically and proactively notify stakeholders in real-time to process parameters beyond established thresholds to ignite action, control performance, and manage process change.
Smart Manufacturing Analytics Report of Shop Floor Ticket Management System. Communicate and track operational issues and requests across the workforce for rapid, closed-loop problem-solving and to inform process change.
VIMANA Smart Manufacturing Analytics Interactive Operator Dashboard Tracks Shift Efficiency. Enables paper to digital migration, capturing the history of a workstation’s issues and comments for smooth shift handover and tribal knowledge sharing.
VIMANA's Smart Manufacturing analytics Work Instruction Functionality Provide device or process guidance based on activity and sequential operation to improve operator skills, reduce errors, and improve the productivity of new and existing employees.

Integrate & Automate

Extend industrial processes to the enterprise and supply chain for expanded insight and business impact, while adding value to your existing software and platform investments.
Smart Manufacturing Analytics Application Integrating with OT and IT Systems

Use APIs and connectors to integrate with other systems (MES, ERP, APM, EAM, CMM, SCM) to streamline workflows, minimize redundancy, and automate processes.

Example of VIMANA's Smart Manufacturing analytics of raw IoT Data Types extracted for analysis. Download data for additional analyses by downstream systems (PowerBI, Tableau, Excel, SAS, etc).

Smart Manufacturing Use Cases

Real-Time OEE Monitoring

Get accurate metrics with True OEE. Boost availability, quality and yield.

Asset And Line Performance Management

Optimize assets and uncover bottlenecks to eliminate production risks.

Predictive Maintenance

Analyze downtime trends and causals, consumable usage, and predict failures.

Workforce Performance And Productivity

Benchmark and manage shift productivity and lights-out efficiency.

On-Demand Manufacturing

Monitor and analyze global plant efficiency and capacity. Enable Just-in-Time.