Co-Innovating To Deliver Our Joint Customer's End-To-End Solutions That Achieve Measurable Business Outcomes.

VIMANA's Commitment To Partners

VIMANA helps our partners capitalize on the IoT market and drive profitable revenue. We combine IoT technology innovation and deep industrial domain expertise with a flexible partner engagement strategy. VIMANA provides the highest level of support to develop, market, sell, and implement Smart Manufacturing and Connected Product Solutions while achieving the highest level of customer success and satisfaction.

VIMANA's Partner Network Includes

Technology Providers

Hardware, IoT platform and application providers
Embed or bundle VIMANA’s products to build innovative Smart Manufacturing and IoT Connected Product Solutions to extend your capabilities and create incremental customer value.

IoT Connected Product Providers

Industrial machinery and commercial product providers
Co-innovate with VIMANA to build a new IoT technology stack from connectivity and analytics to connected product applications to enable product-as-a-service business models.

Service Providers

System Integrators, IT Service Providers, Consultants
Accelerate IIoT solution development, delivery execution, and deployment by leveraging our data collection and industrial analytics technology to improve your time to value, profits, and customer satisfaction.

Industry Organizations

Technical and Innovation Consortiums, Associations
Look to us for leadership in industrial open standards, interoperability, data architecture, and data science life cycle innovation that addresses real-world problems and complex technology challenges.

Partner Engagement Models

Embed & Co-Innovate

Create custom solutions by embedding and integrating VIMANA’s products with your offerings to improve your time-to-market, extend your market reach, and accelerate top-line growth.


Package and resell VIMANA's software to expand your product offerings providing Industry 4.0 and IoT Solutions for enhanced value and competitive differentiation.

Collaborative Research

Co-sponsor research, co-author frameworks and standards, and design real-world implementations of innovative technology to lead change in the manufacturing industry.

Partner Stories

VIMANA and Sandvik Coromant IoT Partners.

Sandvik Coromant

VIMANA has been selected by Sandvik Coromant as the industrial analytics platform for its CoroPlus Machining Insights offering. VIMANA's leading IoT technology and proven track record will enable Sandvik Coromant customers to realize operational value today.

GE Power and GE Renewables are IoT Partners with VIMANA for Smart Manufacturing analytics.


VIMANA teamed with GE Digital to enable Smart Factory innovation. While leveraging GE’s broad ecosystem enabled by Predix, VIMANA provides factories an advanced analytics solution that helps plants manage operational performance.