VIMANA Connect

Connect to Everything

VIMANA Connect is the application suite for secure real-time data collection from shop floor equipment. VIMANA Connect helps you get the most from your production assets by collecting and streaming real-time manufacturing data for decision making. VIMANA Connect is the only product that supports data collection related to all aspects of operational decision-making from all of your shop floor equipment.

VIMANA Connect reduces the complexity of collecting data from a variety of sources with inconsistent data formats. VIMANA Connect captures and structures large amounts of relevant data from diverse shop floor equipment, allowing your machine tools, CNCs, PLCs, 3D printers and other devices to communicate operational information using open standards such as MTConnect and OPC.

VIMANA Connect has been built leveraging our deep expertise in developing and supporting open standards, including the MTConnect Standard.


  • 100% factory

  • Rapid

  • Secure your

  • Future-proof
    with Standards


Connect and Collect

Connect with all of your production assets, including: CNCs, PLCs, Robots, 3D Printers, Welders, Sensors. Extensive support for Legacy equipment using hardware adapters. Stream data pertaining to operational performance, part quality, equipment health, and operator efficiency.

Secure and Stream

Securely collect data without affecting or interrupting the operation of critical production equipment. VIMANA Connect never writes back to the equipment and can be configured to protect sensitive data.

Automate and Deploy

Centralize and automate the deployment and management of connectivity across all shop floor equipment. Remotely push security patches and upgrades to the edge.

and Interoperate

Communicate in open standards including MTConnect, OPC UA/DA, MQTT and integrate with third-party applications. Achieve true interoperability while preserving semantic information from equipment.