VIMANA connects your products and your operations. Collect industrial and enterprise data for a single source of truth, enabling analytics with an integrated view of the factory, global enterprise, and customers experience.

VIMANA Connect

VIMANA Connect’s application suite delivers the infrastructure, connectivity, and remote device management required to acquire, transport, normalize, store, and protect ALL Industrial Internet of Things data. Access reliable, timely data, from anywhere for insight into a broad array of business problems, use cases, and stakeholders.

Deliver Business Outcomes



Easily capture data from IoT connected products, industrial assets, databases, and systems.



Connect to more things today and in the future. Ensure data uniformity and integrity.



Secure, authenticate, and encrypt communications. Protect data with robust access controls.



Start with a proof of concept, and scale effortlessly.


Manufacturers in discrete and process industries can connect to heterogenous data sources and collect relevant data types from inside the factory and across the global manufacturing network, including external suppliers, and customers for enterprise-wide operational intelligence and connected product performance and reliability insights.
VIMANA’s extensive software library of out-of-the-box drivers and I/O hardware edge devices connect with all assets from modern to legacy. VIMANA supports generic and proprietary industry protocols across 100s of types of devices and manufacturers.
VIMANA’s connectivity framework and SDKs can be used to rapidly add connectivity to new devices. VIMANA integrates industrial device data with databases, IT/ OT applications, and IoT platforms using a library of connectors, SDKs and APIs.
The power of integrated data (product, financial, human resource, supply chain, quality, maintenance, production scheduling) creates broader, more robust insights into the manufacturing and supply chain ecosystem.
connect and collect data from:
  • IoT enabled sensors, PLCs, CNCs, 3D Printers, Robots, CMMs and heat treat processes (autoclaves furnaces, ovens) and general plant equipment (cranes, compressors, etc).
  • HMI, SCADA, Historian applications, OPC servers, MES and ERP systems
  • DCS and quality control systems
  • Production and assembly lines
  • Human assets
  • Field devices
  • Connected products
  • Connect and collect data from Industrial IoT endpoints to VIMANA’s IoT Gateway using open and proprietary protocols leveraging ethernet, WiFi, or cellular communications.
  • Stream real-time data across the network from the IoT Gateway to data centers and the cloud using open protocols including HTTP and MQTT.
  • VIMANA uses standards-based communications to ensure interoperability between multi-vendor industrial automation devices and control applications and future-proofs your IoT deployment.

Make IoT data usable for downstream analytics. Eliminate latency, reduce costs, and improve security.

VIMANA Connect provides edge processing for advanced data preparation with techniques to structure, standardize, cleanse, normalize, and enrich data.

VIMANA Connect:

  • Semantically standardizes and normalizes the data in a consistent language and format.
  • Uses standard asset models for downstream analysis.
  • Leverages edge analytics with a real-time rules engine for data enrichment.
  • Builds an Industrial data foundation enabling real-world ML and AI.

Secure from end-point to application, VIMANA Connect securely collects and processes data.

  • VIMANA’s IoT network security strategy aligns to IT best practices, securely collecting data from IoT devices, never exposing the plant floor devices or network to the Corporate network. This multilayer, segmented architecture protects from intrusion, performance problems, and unauthorized access.
  • End-point protection is achieved via read-only data collection from industrial assets and the flexibility to block sensitive data collection which ensures ITAR compliance.
  • Multiple authentication and encryption options increase the security of your IoT application.

VIMANA Connect’s Site Manager software centralizes and automates the oversight of millions of industrial devices across the globe for easy deployment and scalability with automated device connectivity, provisioning, monitoring and management.

VIMANA’s Site Manager enables:

  • Onboarding to decommissioning of devices
  • Configuration
  • Device and connection status
  • Troubleshooting information
  • OTA-based software and firmware upgrades

VIMANA provides the flexibility to manage your data the way you want.

  • Data acquired from IoT devices is managed at the edge and can be streamed to the cloud and/or pushed to enterprise environments, supporting distributed architectures.
  • VIMANA’s IoT event data can be stored and accessed in NoSQL databases and time series databases.
  • Push raw copies of raw data and source system data and VIMANA’s transformed data to enterprise data lakes (on-premise or cloud hosted) for future reporting, visualization, analytics, digital twin and machine learning solutions.
  • Transformed data is fully compatible with VIMANA Vision Platform, VIMANA Elevate and can be consumed by other IaaS, PaaS and downstream applications software (i.e. Tableau, PowerBI, enterprise applications…)
VIMANA Connect

VIMANA's Heritage of Industrial IoT Innovation with MTConnect

VIMANA’s heritage of innovation ignited the Industrial IoT market when our founders architected and authored the MTConnect standard for manufacturing interoperability. We continue to collaborate, as co-authors of MTConnect and OPC UA companion specification, and as partners of the OPC Foundation, MTConnect Institute, NIST, DMDII, IIC, sharing our thought leadership to advance the manufacturing industry. These industry standards are embraced by large industrial organizations to ensure plug and play data exchange between their industrial automation assets and analytics software.

VIMANA brings the widest support of MTConnect Adapters to connect to thousands of types of controllers, sensors, and industrial assets. We bring this forward-looking knowledge and experience to our customers, guiding the design and implementation of data collection and development of data models to build better, more accurate data for advanced IoT analytics.

Need help with data collection?

Engage our industry thought leaders in connectivity, automation assets, standards and data architecture for the industrial domain.