Connect To Everything. Simple and Fast Factory-Wide Connectivity. Collect the Data You Need to Make Decisions.

VIMANA Connect

VIMANA Connect is a suite of software tools to securely connect and collect real-time data from diverse sources – including PLCs, CNCs, sensors, SCADA systems. VIMANA Connect centralizes and automates remote device management making it easy to onboard, monitor, and scale IoT connectivity.

Access the Data You Need

VIMANA collects and stores IoT data.

Limitless Data Sources

Easily capture and process IoT data at the Edge from industrial assets, people, and enterprise systems.

VIMANA connects sensors, PLCs and factory assets.

Connect in Minutes Cost Effectively

IoT Connectivity architected for efficiency. Simple remote deployment. Pilot and scale effortlessly.

VIMANA IoT data is secure.

Data Privacy And Security

Secure, authenticate, and encrypt communications. Protect data. Eliminate the risk of a breach.

VIMANA uses open standards for interoperability.

Interoperability With Standards

Ensure data uniformity and integrity. Connect to more things today and keep connecting in the future.

“VIMANA has given us the capability to make data-driven decisions, which has helped us improve the quality and reliability of our composite manufacturing process. We can react immediately and avoid Monday morning autopsy.” VIMANA’s IoT Connectivity, accessed data from sensors and PLCs in controlled rooms, freezers, and ovens to monitor temperature and humidity at their composite propeller building.

Brian Roberts, Director of Manufacturing
Hartzell Propeller

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VIMANA Connect Capabilities

Easily and quickly connect modern and legacy assets and sensors with out-of-the-box adapters and drivers via wired or wireless communication. VIMANA Connect enables centralized data collection from multi-vendor devices and control applications.

Leverage standards including MTConnect and OPC for normalization and interoperability, with semantic device models auto-configured based on a deep pre-existing library for consistent and meaningful data. Extend connectivity and feedback to expand assets and processes.

Make IoT data usable, eliminate latency, and reduce costs with VIMANAs IoT Edge Gateway used for local processing, collecting, and streaming time-series data to the cloud or data centers. Use open protocols like HTTP and MQTT for ease and scalability.

Secure from end-point to application, VIMANA Connect securely collects and processes data. VIMANA’s security approach never exposes the plant floor devices to the internet or Corporate network. End-point protection is achieved via read-only data collection and the option to block sensitive data.

VIMANA Connect automates and centralizes device connectivity and device management for simple global deployment. Remote device management software automates the provisioning, configuration, monitoring, and management of connected assets.

VIMANA Connect provides the flexibility to manage your data the way you want, on-premise, or cloud-hosted for future analysis. Push copies of raw data, source system data, and VIMANA’s transformed data to enterprise data lakes for visualization, analytics, and digital twin solutions.

Active In The International Standards Groups

VIMANA's Heritage Of Innovation With MTConnect

VIMANA’s heritage of innovation ignited the Industrial IoT market when our founders architected and authored the MTConnect standard for manufacturing interoperability. We continue to collaborate, as co-authors of MTConnect and the OPC UA companion specification, and as partners of the OPC Foundation, MTConnect Institute, NIST, DMDII, IIC, sharing our thought leadership to advance the manufacturing industry. These industry standards are embraced by large industrial organizations to ensure plug and play data exchange between their industrial automation assets and analytics software.

VIMANA brings the widest support of MTConnect Adapters to connect to thousands of types of controllers, sensors, and industrial assets. We bring this forward-looking knowledge and experience to our customers, guiding the design and implementation of IoT data collection and development of data models to build better, more accurate data for advanced industrial analytics.