Improve your factory’s asset maintenance processes and reduce costs with VIMANA’s ready-to-use predictive maintenance analytics.

VIMANA Maintain Software

Enables the Journey to Predictive Maintenance

Factory equipment needs to be regularly maintained to ensure asset reliability, performance, and product quality. Current reactive break-fix
strategies and schedule-based preventive maintenance increases the risk to asset availability and high labor and spare part costs.

VIMANA Maintain, is a proven cloud-based or on-premise Predictive Maintenance solution for industrial manufacturers. This technology provides the intelligence to decide which machines to maintain, what type of activities to perform, and when to fix them. Get real-time visibility to the health of your assets. Predict equipment and tooling failures before they occur. Avoid over maintaining assets by planning preventive maintenance schedules based on data-driven insights

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Maintenance Teams Achieve Immediate Value

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Boost Asset Availability and Reliability

Reduce unplanned downtime by predicting machine failures before they occur and improving overall OEE.

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Reduce Maintenance Costs

Decrease labor, tooling, and spare part costs by eliminating unnecessary preventive maintenance activities with usage or condition-based scheduling.

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Improve Maintenance Workforce Productivity and Effectiveness

Increase in maintenance staff productivity by using data-driven insights to optimize staffing levels, reduce MTTR and MTBF.

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Optimize Maintenance Processes

Extend asset life and reliability. Increase production output with more efficient and dependable maintenance processes.

Industrial Manufacturer Improves Maintenance Process Efficiency

“VIMANA Maintain predictive maintenance software transformed our preventive maintenance program. We migrated from time-based scheduling to a usage-based maintenance strategy analyzing equipment and component usage and remaining useful life. This reduced unnecessary maintenance activities and premature part replacement, saving $800,000 in one plant the first year while improving the availability of our factory equipment.”

High Precision Equipment Manufacturer

How VIMANA Maintain Works

  • VIMANA collects and transforms large volumes of data from multiple sources: sensors, machine data, manufacturing, and IT systems.
  • VIMANA Maintain provides usage, condition, and predictive analysis and visualization that deliver asset health intelligence to better manage and prioritize your maintenance activities.
  • VIMANA Maintain automates alerts and triggers maintenance activities with bi-directional integration with your existing systems to action the data.

VIMANA Maintain Capabilities

Visualize & Monitor

Bring visibility and monitor your manufacturing assets for better planning, scheduling, and rapid response to maintenance issues.

Real-time Dashboards

Analyze & Predict

Root cause analysis, fault detection, anomaly detection, usage, condition-based analysis, and custom built predictive models provide various data-driven approaches to optimize maintenance processes.

Historical Reports

Communicate & Empower Action

VIMANA’s workforce productivity tools help you manage maintenance activities, collaborate, solve problems, and build a knowledge base to improve your maintenance team’s productivity.

Integrate & Automate

VIMANA Maintain’s end-to-end solution provides IoT data collection and maintenance analytics that trigger manufacturing execution software(EAM, CMMS, ERP). Use secure APIs and connectors to integrate with maintenance systems to streamline workflows, minimize redundancy,and automate processes. Maintenance data is exchanged with the connectors for alerts, tickets, anomalies, faults, and metrics (MTBF, MTTR) to enable a closed-loop to completion.

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Rapid Time to Value

Ready-to-use and highly configurable predictive maintenance application speeds ROI in less than 2 months.

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We co-innovate with customers to build outcome based solutions. Adopted by Fortune 500 and small to medium industrial businesses.

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Actionable Data From Unlimited Sources

Collects and prepares data from Sensors, Brown and Greenfield assets, IT and OT systems.

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AI and Machine Learning Driven Predictive Maintenance Solutions

Choose the best approach by asset - remote monitoring, usage, condition and predictive maintenance.

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Deep Industrial Vertical Expertise

No need for incremental staff to build solutions. Our expertise in discrete manufacturing results in better data, algorithms, integrations and outcomes.

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Simple and Cost-Effective

Easy to implement, scale, and use. Modular and affordable.