We Solve the Toughest Industrial IoT Data Challenges. Transforming Data from IoT Devices into an Enriched Analytics-Ready Data Foundation at Scale.

VIMANA #1 in Industrial Data Transformation

We understand industrial assets, processes, and the data they generate. We have authored industrial data standards to enable interoperability between disparate data sources and scale. We lead the data discovery journey to identify the right data elements needed to answer stakeholder questions today and enable future predictions. We bring intelligence and automation in combining data elements to deliver meaningful insights. You can rely on us to build a more reliable and robust data foundation quickly and efficiently to power your most advanced analytics.

IoT Data that Fuels Business Outcomes

Data Quality

Data cleansing made simple. Deliver consistent, high quality data. Enrich raw data for meaningful and trusted insights.

Reduce Time
To Insights

Accelerate the process of getting data ready. Reduce data preparation resources. Improve data analyst productivity.

Simplify IoT Data

Solve your problems with data. Manage highly distributed and massive volumes of diverse data. future-ready architecture.

Get Return
On Your Data

Access a large quantity of relevant data types, aligned to your business to deepen insights and make better decisions.

“VIMANA built a robust real-time data foundation, collecting data from machines and systems, and making it available to our data lake for downstream analytics. We didn’t need to hire data scientists, and we dramatically reduced the time to prepare the data,”

A Global Tier 1 Automotive Company

IoT data collection across manufacturing operations.

VIMANA's Data Transformation Capabilities

VIMANA Data Transformation prepares, normalizes, and contextualizes manufacturing and enterprise data leveraging open standards, a robust rules engine, and machine learning to build a data foundation for consumption by next-generation analytics.

Data Transformation Process Diagram

The VIMANA Difference

Industrial Domain

Expertise in industrial products, processes and systems enable the discovery, data preparation, and enrichment of relevant and more valuable data.

Industry Leadership in Data Standards

As authors of industrial data standards, VIMANA brings experience in capturing data from a variety of data sources, converting raw data into a usable format.

Technology Built to Enable Industrial IoT

VIMANA brings intelligent automation to data transformation powered by highly scalable Lambda architecture for stream processing, ML, and AI.


VIMANA's data foundation integrates with and publishes to data lake enablement platforms, data management tools, VIMANA's platform, and other analytics applications.