IIC Whitepaper – Industrial Analytics: The Engine Driving the IIoT Revolution

IIoT thought leaders, William Sobel from VIMANA (fka Systems Insights), Eric Harper from ABB, Wael Diab from Huawei, and Shi Wan Lin from ThingsWise, all members of the Industrial Internet Consortium, co-authored a whitepaper that reviews Industrial Analytics: The Engine Driving the IIoT Revolution that deserves a great deal of attention.

“IIoT seeks to connect industrial assets and machines—the things—to enterprise information systems, business processes, and the people who operate and use them. Advanced analytics is at the core of this next-generation level of integration and, when applied to machine and process data, provides new insights and intelligence to optimize decision making significantly and enable intelligent operations leading to transformational business outcomes.”

New technologies enable the application of advanced analytics to machine and operational process data to gain insights into the operations, optimize them intelligently to boost productivity, increase quality, reduce energy, and material consumption, increase flexibility, and ultimately create new business values.


IIC Whitepaper PDF (949 KB)


The group also created a video where they discuss how data is the fuel and analytics as the engine driving the IIoT Revolution. The vision of the IIC and members is to accelerate the adoption of IIoT in a transformational way. Analytics is where the value gets created. These thought leaders are forging the path of this technology innovation in the industrial world by helping industrial manufacturers deliver value and business advancement from data.