VIMANA Powers the most sophisticated smart manufacturing initiatives across the world, from North America and Europe, to Asia and in all industries, from Aerospace, Medical Devices, Industrial, Transportation, Automotive and Power to Oil & Gas. We are the global standard with customers, leading the way in the Industry 4.0 transformation.
VIMANA customers are realizing true productivity and financial benefits with VIMANA’s technology by increasing machine utilization, reducing part cycle time, improving quality, and reducing maintenance costs.

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Making data-driven decisions that reduce scrap and improve quality and reliability.

Acutec Precision Aerospace


Actionable insights that empower machinists and management to make informed decisions, resulting in cost savings and process improvements.



Operational visibility increased utilization by 10-20% and improved job costing accuracy.


Demonstrable improvement in machine utilization and cost savings thanks to real-time productivity data.


“After looking at several other monitoring and analytics software solutions on the market, VIMANA stood out by enabling us to see what is going on the shop floor and, when production downtimes did occur, automatically identifying the reason and raising an alert in real-time. Other OEE systems we’ve seen out there just do not have the analytics capabilities to do this.”

— Brian Reed, Plant Manager, Coast Composites