VIMANA Elevate

Knowledge Elevates Performance

VIMANA Elevate is the software platform for real-time production monitoring and analytics of shop floor data to drive decision making. VIMANA Elevate comes with out-of-the-box applications to drive decisions across the manufacturing enterprise, including real-time dashboards for visibility, operator panels for communication, and ticketing for collaboration.

VIMANA Elevate provides prescriptive analytics leveraging ML and AI capabilities to improve shop floor decisions – helping increase device capacity, reduce cycle times, and improve machine health. VIMANA's catalog of metrics includes TrueOEE, a machine-learning derived metric that learns your true capacity to calculate your true OEE, helping you understand real opportunities available to improve shop floor efficiency.

VIMANA Elevate comes with developer APIs and application connectors enabling deep integration with your enterprise systems, providing holistic and integrated decision-making across the manufacturing enterprise.


  • Make rapid

  • Transform

  • Improve
    business performance

  • Achieve ROI
    with broad adoption

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Visualize and Respond

Real-time Dashboards provide centralized transparency to visualize shop floor operations and respond to production events and disruptions. Monitor and manage equipment utilization, part production, workforce productivity, and asset health.

Communicate and Collaborate

Operator Panels improve shop floor communication and engagement across the workforce. Ticketing decreases response times to critical events with instantaneous collaborative problem solving.

Analyze and Improve

Take action to improve asset health, decrease part cycle time, and decrease consumable cost using prescriptive analytics powered by AI and ML.

Personalize and Adopt

Drive adoption by allowing users to personalize their experience with custom Dashboards, Operator Panels, and Reporting capabilities.

Integrate and Extend

Integrate with enterprise applications including ERP, EAM, and MES systems using developer APIs, client SDKs and UI toolkits to address your business problems.