See Your Future

VIMANA Vision is the IIoT platform to realize your vision for smart manufacturing. VIMANA Vision brings together proven capabilities in device connectivity and data transformation to provide predictive and prescriptive insights from shop floor data, along with the ability to integrate data and insights into your own applications.

VIMANA Vision comes with extensive integration options and can be extended with custom services and algorithms to address proprietary use-cases. VIMANA Vision comes with out-of-the-box applications including Dashboards, Operator Panels, Ticketing, Alerts, and more, to provide value from day 1 and achieve fast ROI.

VIMANA Vision is the only IIoT platform that supports a wide variety of deployment options from on-premise, to private cloud, to public cloud and comes packaged with automated provisioning and deployment tools for seamless and scalable adoption.


  • Enable Advanced
    Manufacturing Solutions

  • Build your
    proprietary solution

  • Optimize Deployment for
    security and scale

  • Realize value


Connect and Scale

Extensive support for a wide variety of shop floor devices and sensors. Automated managed gateway for rapid connectivity across 1000s of devices.

Transform and Build

Real-time rules engine, machine learning, and AI capabilities to transform shop floor data into predictive and prescriptive insights, providing the data foundation to build your advanced manufacturing solution.

Integrate and Extend

Integrate with your own applications using developer APIs, client SDKs, connectors, and UI toolkits. Extend the data transformation with custom algorithms and analytics to build proprietary solutions.

Drive and Realize

Out-of-the-box applications to drive decision-making and realize value, including: Dashboards, Operator Panels, Analytics, Alerts, Ticketing, and Work Instructions.

Deploy and Manage

Support for flexible deployment options from on-premise, to private cloud, to managed public cloud. Fully automated provisioning and management capabilities to support highly scalable deployments.