Metrology Gets Connected: SME’s Manufacturing Engineering magazine

Will Sobel was interviewed for SME’s Manufacturing Engineering magazine and spoke regarding the process of developing the MTConnect standard and what the standard brings to the industry.

The article talks about how Will co-founded VIMANA to develop the next level of analytics on top semantic data in order to optimize process efficiency and unlock the potential of manufacturing systems. Will continues to extend the MTConnect standard as the chief architect and chair of the Technical Steering Committee (TSC).
In the article Will Sobel said, “MTConnect was really the first standard to open up the shop floor, giving the data a common vocabulary so that now we are able to get the data off the machines and interpret what it means”.


The initial version of the standard addressed the need to collect data from manufacturing equipment; the next version of the standard that will add Parts and Inspection models to the standard, utilizing the QIF standard to provide the final inspection information models. The extension of MTConnect into Parts will provide the first information model to communicate the digital thread of a process as it executes on the shop floor. Combined with the existing real-time data collection capability, there will be a complete log of every step a part took and exactly what happened as it was being manufactured. These capabilities will provide the data for the process traceability and predictive part quality analysis from VIMANA.

Note: VIMANA was previously named System Insights.

You can find the article here.