VIMANA Announces the VIMANA 2.0 Software Platform for Improving Manufacturing Production Efficiency

Berkeley, CA – Today VIMANA announced the next major release of their innovative manufacturing software platform available in Q3 of this year. VIMANA is the only software product that combines a comprehensive real-time data solution, based on the MTConnect data standard, with multi-dimensional, complex reasoning and machine learning technologies to deliver predictive manufacturing solutions for both machining-based discrete and process manufacturing industries.

“Building on the success of VIMANA over the past two years and factoring in the great feedback from our client base during that time, we are pleased to make VIMANA 2.0 generally available on the market this fall. This new version incorporates many significant new features.” — Will Sobel, CEO, VIMANA

VIMANA 2.0 Capabilities

    Some of the new capabilities offered in VIMANA 2.0 include:

  • parts-specific reports and metrics
  • parts traceability and analytics
  • the capability to model and track complex flows and layouts
  • user-customizable rules and new visualizations to increase intuition and visibility – including a grid layout option in the user interface

VIMANA users understand the causes of production losses on the shop floor, including machine breakdowns, poor quality, material starvation, and incorrect machine usage. VIMANA ensures energy use is optimized and the environmental impact of operating machine tools is reduced. vimana goes beyond simple data aggregation, and helps manufacturers increase device utilization, reduce scrap rates, decrease unplanned downtimes, and improve profitability. By improving machine utilization and reducing energy consumption, vimana clients realize economic benefits up to $100,000 per machine, per year.