VIMANA’s Founders to Speak at MC2 Conference April 28-30th

Berkeley, CA – VIMANA announced that company Founders Will Sobel and Dr. Athulan Vijayaraghavan will be speaking in Chicago at the MC2 Conference on April 28th through 30th. The conference is being held at the McCormick Place Conference Center.

Dr. Vijayaraghavan’s talk, titled the Internet of Manufacturing Things – Lessons from Precision Manufacturers, will discuss the state-of-the art in the Internet of Manufacturing Things (IoMT) and how it can be applied in driving shop floor productivity improvements. The talk will characterize the challenges of bringing IoMT to the shop floor and will introduce key enabling technology, including: high speed data collection from heterogeneous sources, integration across software and hardware platforms, and tools for decision-making across spatial and temporal scales. This talk will present lessons learnt in leveraging IoMT to improve production efficiency across users of VIMANA by VIMANA.

Speaker Bio: Dr. Athulan Vijayaraghavan – Chief Technology Officer, VIMANA

Dr. Athulan Vijayaraghavan is a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from UC Berkeley and brings fresh insight in developing tools to improve the performance of manufacturing processes and systems. Dr. Vijayaraghavan obtained his PhD in Mechanical Engineering in Manufacturing with a minor in Computer Science.

Mr. Sobel’s workshop, titled Inter-Device Communications Using Interfaces and the Foundations of the Industrial Internet, will focus on the design and development of a scalable MTConnect data architecture. The talk will introduce the key elements of the architecture, including data ingress, storage, analytics and visualization, and will present an open-source technology stack for scaling MTConnect-based analytics. The talk will also discuss lessons learned from other domains including finance, entertainment, and e-commerce.

Speaker Bio: Will Sobel – Chief Strategy Officer, VIMANA

William Sobel brings more than 20 years of experience architecting, managing, and developing complex applications for numerous industries. Prior to working for VIMANA, he was a visiting lecturer at UC Berkeley working at the RadLAB teaching agile web development and worked on various cloud scalability research projects, resulting in the Olio web analysis toolkit. During his employment at the university, he authored the MTConnect standard as a consultant to AMT – The Association For Manufacturing Technology to address the lack of standardized inter-device communication in manufacturing.