System Insights is Now VIMANA

System Insights, the global leader in manufacturing analytics, announced today that it is changing its corporate name to VIMANA. The name change reflects the company’s broader Smart Manufacturing solution commitment, better aligns to the company’s future strategy and the ever-expanding product roadmap.
Rick Moran, President and Chief Executive Officer for VIMANA, stated, “This change completes our move to align corporate identity with the VIMANA brand. It reflects the exponential expansion of VIMANA’s products in market and signifies a strategy for continued innovation and growth in the coming years. We are investing heavily in the future of our company to provide essential technology and services that elevate manufacturers’ performance.”
  VIMANA is powering the most sophisticated smart manufacturing initiatives and customers are realizing true productivity and financial benefits. This is done by understanding the true state of the shop floor, looking beyond OEE and traditional metrics, and offering deep analytics that provide relevant real-time performance insight and expedite the problem-solving process. Along with the name change, VIMANA has undergone a complete rebranding and today unveiled its new logo, tagline, and website. The new brand identity reflects VIMANA’s commitment to provide end-to-end solutions from connectivity and analytics to value generation. VIMANA, speaks The Language of Smart Manufacturing. This new tagline illustrates that VIMANA’s technology gives customers the power to hear and understand their machines, allowing them to draw brilliant conclusions, make informed decisions, improve manufacturing operations, and elevate the performance of their business. The new website, which also launched on the same day seeks to increase VIMANA’s online presence and help to communicate with current as well as prospective customers.


VIMANA’s software and services provide operational transparency to plant and enterprise-wide performance so manufacturers can uncover ways to improve efficiency, quality, cycle time, cost reduction, and responsiveness to customers.  VIMANA’s technology fuels Industry 4.0, IIoT and Smart Manufacturing initiatives.  With VIMANA’s technology, The Language of Smart Manufacturing, our customers can understand their machines, draw brilliant conclusions, make informed decisions, improve manufacturing operations, and elevate performance.

VIMANA offers the leading cloud-based and on-premise predictive analytics platform for manufacturing intelligence. VIMANA’s software solves the challenges many manufacturers face in their digital journey: connecting all devices, providing data flow in a consistent way, enriching and integrating data, revealing the true state of the manufacturing process, and offering analytics, visualization, communication, and collaboration solutions that inspire adoption from operators and senior leaders.