VIMANA Teams with R.F. Celada Spa to Bring ‘Industria 4.0’ Technologies to MECSPE


Berkeley, CA. – VIMANA is teaming up with R.F. Celada Spa to bring ‘Industria 4.0’ technologies to MECSPE.  The event will take place on March 23-25, 2017 at the Parma Fairground in Parma, Italy.

Join us to see ‘Industria 4.0’ in-action in stand E75. We will do a live demonstration of VIMANA capturing real-time data from Okuma, Haas, Sodick, and Star machines and displaying real-time dashboards and reports to gain visibility to this manufacturing operation. You will experience how leveraging advanced analytics and insights from data enables factories to make better decisions. Data driven manufacturing can help you improve production on the shop floor, reduce unplanned downtime, improve cycle time and quality while realizing significant savings.

The VIMANA platform is the leading cloud-based and on premise predictive analytics platform for manufacturing intelligence. VIMANA provides connectivity from machines, peripheral devices, and manual stations. It securely connects to multi-vendor and legacy factory assets using MTConnect and OPC UA standards. The software captures, enriches, and analyzes vast volumes of machine data and generates metrics and insight to help users optimize operations, increase production efficiency, improve execution, and optimize performance.

“With the ‘Industria 4.0’ National Plan being a focus in Italy, this is the right time to bring our VIMANA platform to MECSPE,” stated, Katie Richardson, Director of Business Development.  The ‘Industria 4.0’ National Plan represents a major opportunity for all companies that are ready to take advantage of the unprecedented incentives offered by the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The Plan provides a wide array of consistent and complementary measures promoting investment in innovation and competitiveness. The ‘Industria 4.0’ National Plan will affect every step of the life cycle of companies that want to improve their competitiveness by supporting investments, such as the digitalization of industrial processes.