VIMANA launches new solutions approach that accelerates Industry 4.0 initiatives to deliver real business outcomes

VIMANA Launches New Solutions Approach that Accelerates Industry 4.0 Initiatives to Deliver Real Business Outcomes

Berkeley, CA – April 10, 2019 – VIMANA, the leading industrial analytics solutions and services, announced today a new Smart Manufacturing solution that drives a comprehensive set of use cases aimed at helping manufacturing organizations jump start their Industry 4.0 initiatives and making it easier to achieve flexibility, cost, and/or efficiency goals. These uses cases are fast to deploy, easy to adopt, and accelerate time to value.

Manufacturing leaders are looking to addresses specific challenges with contextualized analytics for operational users, with role-based intelligence for proactive, faster decision making. Driven by the need for speed and business value, organizations are increasingly deploying domain-driven analytics solutions before building custom solutions in-house.

VIMANA’s solutions approach and Smart Manufacturing uses cases address this market requirement. Powered by VIMANA’s technology, ingests OT and IT data from multiple production sources to mine, model, manage and simulate operations data. Employs data management and advanced analytics techniques, artificial intelligence (AI)/machine learning (ML) algorithms targeted at specific use cases with measurable business outcomes. VIMANA’s Smart Manufacturing Solution provides the ability to detect leading indicators that alert companies to unplanned variability and risk, reduce the lag between events and responses, accelerate problem solving, as well as improve the quality of decisions made at all levels.

VIMANA’s Smart Manufacturing high-impact Use Cases include:

  • OEE Monitoring for performance visibility across your global manufacturing network.
  • Asset Performance Management for data-driven decision support to optimize assets and production lines.
  • Predictive Maintenance for predictive insights to improve operational reliability, product quality, and safety, while reducing maintenance costs.
  • Workforce Performance and Productivity to enable your workforce to make better decisions and improve their effectiveness.
  • Additive Optimization for access to operational intelligence to optimize 3D printer capacity, in process stability, and enable better end-to-end part production efficiency.
  • Digital twin to improve situational awareness and optimize planning with digital twin for manufacturing assets, processes and optimize asset performance, production yields and asset maintenance strategies.

With large demand for industry-specific advanced analytics solutions, VIMANA is well- positioned to meet the critical need of industrial enterprises with our new Smart Manufacturing use cases that focus’ on end-user experience and provides a clear path to business outcomes to reduce costs, streamline processes and improve efficiency and increasing agility, stated Rick Moran, President and CEO, VIMANA.