VIMANA, leader in Industrial IoT and analytics technology, launches VIMANA Vision

Berkeley, CA – October 23, 2018 – VIMANA today continued its Internet of Things innovation launching VIMANA Vision, a flexible Industrial IoT platform with end-to-end capabilities for manufacturing and industrial analytics application services enablement. VIMANA’s platform addresses today’s market demand for easy-to-use, modular and scalable IoT solutions to support enterprises of all sizes, regardless of the level of sophistication of their IoT requirements. VIMANA Vision addresses 2 markets: industrial companies looking to enhance their own products and services as well and industrial companies looking to increase efficiency and agility in manufacturing and supply chain.

Recent market research shows industrial organizations seek platform solutions with critical capabilities to integrate with the customer’s existing technology, provide the architecture and tools for OT and IT data management, and enable the flexibility to consume pre-built domain-driven analytics applications or build and extend customized solutions for their specific environment. The new VIMANA Vision addresses these requirements. VIMANA Vision operates at the edge, in the cloud or on-premise and seamlessly integrates with other IaaS and PaaS platforms giving the customer the choice to integrate and augment their existing technology investments. VIMANA provides data management and transformation, informed by deep vertical industry expertise, to deliver the data backbone to facilitate advanced insight. VIMANA Vision provides self-service IoT solutions to develop their own IoT applications and pre-built, domain-driven applications for factory digitization and “connected” IoT products and services to realize rapid time to value.

VIMANA IoT is unique in that it provides enterprises with the ability to very quickly start limited scale, as their sophistication grows, the IoT platform will grow effortlessly with them, at their pace. VIMANA’s IoT platform takes full advantage of industry-leading integration, data transformation techniques, streaming and predictive analytics and machine learning capabilities, based on its heritage in open standards and industrial analytics leadership.

“VIMANA has been committed to the growing IoT market and to making VIMANA Vision the most comprehensive, effective platform for industrial businesses and ecosystem partners that look to embrace data as the core asset to improve business outcomes”, said Rick Moran, CEO and President, VIMANA. “VIMANA brings together the vertical market expertise and strength in our technology suite to help industrial businesses implement successful IoT initiatives, leverage the principles of Industries 4.0 and embrace product models to outperform the competition in customer satisfaction and business results.”