VIMANA announces first Industrial IoT Data Transformation offering

VIMANA accelerates data collection and preparation of Analytics-Ready IoT Data, that Speaks the Truth

Berkeley, CA – February 7, 2019 – VIMANA, the leading industrial analytics solutions and services, today announced VIMANA Data Transformation, a new offering that prepares, normalizes and contextualizes raw manufacturing and enterprise data leveraging open standards, a robust rules engine, and machine learning to build a harmonized, real-time data foundation for insight and consumption by next generation analytics, advanced manufacturing and connected product solutions.

Industrial organizations continue to be challenged with efficiently collecting and preparing data for analysis. The increasing volume and complexity of IoT data is putting pressure on organizations to rethink traditional methods of preparing data and look to new solutions that transform raw data into knowledge to fuel their digital transformation. Market research says data management and governance is impacting the success of IoT initiatives and projects, slowing time to insight and time to value.

VIMANA’s IoT data transformation offering addresses today’s market need to access and prepare curated, trusted data from complex data sources for analysis across a spectrum of stakeholders and business use cases. Our software transforms data automatically and makes it useful for analysis. VIMANA Data transformation enables:

  • Data discovery, finding the right data from the right internal and external data sources for business insight.
  • Structures the data consistently, with a common set of terms and relationships based on domain-driven ontologies for robust analysis.
  • Cleanses the data to filter out the unnecessary noise and enriches data to improve quality and completeness.
  • Enriches and contextualizes the data, using the rules engine and proprietary domain-driven ML and AI algorithms for multi-dimensional aggregation of event streams, for understanding of the true state of industrial assets, people, processes and products.
  • Publishes analytics-ready data to storage solutions, data lakes, 3rd party systems, or BI tools and downstream analytics users.

VIMANA provides industrial organizations data preparation solutions that turbocharge the time to insight and provides the consumer data they can trust and activate faster. VIMANA enables data science resources to focus on modeling and interpreting data vs. pre- processing, and acceleration of the data pipeline.

“Good data management and governance enables better data science. The market is demanding technology for identifying, accessing and preparing data for analysis. VIMANA addresses this opportunity with innovative software and methods aimed at automating and processing data preparation leveraging our data science professionals with combined OT and data science skills. This offering enables our customers to realize the value of Industrial IoT and deliver better business outcomes”, stated Dr. Athulan Vijayaraghavan, CTO, VIMANA.