William Sobel, Chief Strategy Officer at VIMANA, selected to present at ARC Advisory Group’s annual forum

Berkeley, CA – January 30, 2019 – ARC Advisory Group has invited William Sobel, of VIMANA, a global provider of advanced industrial analytics software and services, to be a speaker at the ARC Advisory Groups’ Annual Industry Forum in Orlando, Florida on February 4-7, 2019,  “Driving Digital Transformation in Industry and Cities”.

The session titled “Cloud Platforms for Operational Analytics”, is on Wednesday, February 6, at 2PM, and addresses how IIoT platforms transform industrial plants’ operational performance and enables product innovation that enhances customer experience.  William Sobel will be speaking with Vijay Anand, Sandvik Coromant, a strategic partner of VIMANA’s and Joe Sanguinetti, General Mills.  Forum participants are encouraged attend and learn more about cloud-based analytics platforms and their role in driving digital transformation.

“I am excited to participate with leading industrial organizations and share strategic insights on the critical elements to digitalization success.  Start your journey by identifying the business challenges and opportunities to be addressed by digitalization and then select the IIoT platform that ensures data collection and management is optimized for consumption by industrial AI and other applications to improve your targeted processes, stakeholders, and business outcomes”, stated Will Sobel.

William Sobel, Chief Strategy Officer, and Co-Founder of VIMANA, co-authored the MTConnect standard and OPC UA companion specification, the widely adopted open standards for industrial connectivity and interoperability, implemented by equipment suppliers and embraced by manufacturing users to ensure plug and play data exchange between devices and analytics software.  William Sobel’s thought leadership and industry project engagements are advancing manufacturing and contributing to leading technical industry organizations (NIST, DMDII, IIC, MTConnect Institute). With this deep understanding of devices, data and standards, Will helps leading manufacturers industrial businesses design and implement a scalable data architecture and data models for the creation of an efficient connected enterprise.


VIMANA is a global provider of advanced industrial analytics software and services that transform how companies manufacture, sell and service their products. Helping industrial businesses increase profitable revenue growth and productivity while realizing their vision for smart industry. Transforming industrial production and manufacturing to mass customization, flexible just-in-time manufacturing, with lean processes for operational excellence and competitive advantage.  Creating new business models by expanding opportunities for connected product functionality, far greater reliability for improved customer service, much higher product utilization driving incremental revenue growth from data and services.  VIMANA’s next generation IIoT platform gives industrial businesses the technology they need to enrich and aggregate, analyze, visualize, share and capitalize on the vast amounts of data generated by devices, processes, systems and connected products.  These proven solutions are deployed globally by large enterprises and industry leading partners that embrace smart industry initiatives for operational excellence, business model transformation, and competitive advantage.

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